Wearing a crocheted wedding dress was a risk worth taking

My mother used to crochet dresses for my barbie dolls when i was just a little kid. Never did I imagine that I’d be wearing one on my wedding day.

Let’s face it, wedding gowns are the highlight of brides’ fairytale moment and many allot a big chunk of their budget for it just to make sure they’d look extra beautiful. When I told my friends and close family members that I’d be wearing a crocheted wedding gown, I saw some disapproving faces. Their eyes were seemingly asking me “are you really sure?”

There was hesitation, I must admit. But, I didn’t show any hint of wavering in front of anyone. Less than two months before our wedding, I made up my mind and told myself, “However it turns out, I’d be more than grateful for my friend’s labor of love”.


While my crocheted wedding dress appears ‘unique’ in the Philippine setting, it is actually a copycat of a real wedding in California . I just accidentally came across the site while looking for crocheted wedding souvenir ideas. I found it very fabulous and ingenious. For a kuripot bride, I must also agree that you need not spend much to look extra beautiful on your wedding day. Spending too much on a wedding gown that you’d be wearing only once is also extravagance.

#top crocheted wedding gown by Lourdes O Pilar of Obra Et Alima.

More photos at The Gallery

13 thoughts on “Wearing a crocheted wedding dress was a risk worth taking

  1. It is nice and very unique too! Is it possible to re-create this in a longer version with an all-white fabric? I think my adventurous sister who’s getting married soon will actually love this idea


    • Hi Micah, glad you liked the idea. Until now, I’m still fascinated about wearing such. Yes you can have a longer version of it in all-white. Just consider the bride’s personality and of course the venue. My guests commented that it suited me well because of my carefree personality. the floral design also goes well with the garden venue. 🙂

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