Imagine saying “I DO” at the O Resort

Pre-honeymoon, baptism and wedding ideas at the O Resort.

We don’t have our formal honeymoon yet as we wait for God’s timing and provision for our dream destination – the unexplored islands in Leyte. But, while we wait, we’re grateful to find ourselves in the company of our brothers and sisters in Christ in some recreational and spiritual activities. Such activities strengthen our faith and our bond together as husband and wife. One of which is our baptism, which was recently held in the O Resort at Imus, Cavite.

(For the sake of non-born again Christian sects reading this blog, baptism is our public declaration of our faith in Jesus Christ. It is a pattern that Christ started Himself when He was matured enough. It doesn’t save us, but we believe that it is a necessary requirement in the process of salvation.)

Anyway, this blog is about the O Resort.

The O Resort is located at Open Canal corner Nia Road Malagasang II-C, Imus, Cavite. The O perhaps refers to the Open Canal. It is actually within the borders of GreenGate Subdivision, where my mother’s house is located. I’ve been seeing its ad since it was opened I think two years ago. I had actually considered checking the venue for our wedding, but that was before we decided to do it in Las Pinas.

For couples in Cavite planning to getĀ married soon, you might want to check this place out.

The O Resort Garden Venue:

The O Resort Pavilion

The Pools

I prefer to do the ceremony at the gardenĀ and reception to follow at the Pavillion. I think the Pavillion can comfortably accommodate up to 120 people.

The outdoor venue is rented out for Php4,000 for a four-hour function while the Pavillion is Php6,000.

There is no entry fee for your guests unless they’d dive into the pool. The regular entry fee is Php150 per head from 8am-5pm. Overnight swimming costs 200php.

I supposed this is a built-in photobooth backdrop.

Rooms for wedding preps and wedding night


Wedding preparations are tiresome. So too is the wedding day itself. To be honest,I felt so exhausted after the wedding that I had wish I could take off my wedding dress and fall asleep right away after our guests left us. Unfortunately, our venue does not provide overnight stay and so we had to check-in somewhere. It was only then that I realized the beauty of doing your wedding inside a resort.

A regular room for a 12-hour use at the O Resort costs P1,500. A family room is rented out for P2,500.

Cottage Area and playground for the kids and the ‘not-so adults’

Worship, bonding time, etc..

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