Kasalan sa Balsa, why not?

Imagine saying ‘I do’ while floating in bamboo rafts – a wild idea popped into my head while dining at Kainan sa Balsa.

Bamboo hut on a bamboo raft

Bamboo hut on a bamboo raft

Kainan sa Balsa is a roadside restaurant in Bacoor which is somehow familiar to the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon. I saw it on some blogs and it seemed interesting enough to visit. I pressed my husband to come with me one holiday. He was hesitant at first as he’d wanted to just stay at home and take a long sleep. After experiencing it however, he wanted us to go there again next time for dinner and feel the ambiance at night.

We’ll be back in this place, not actually for food but for the comfortable and relaxing ambiance. There’s nothing really special about the food, but the atmosphere is just so perfect when you want to spend a quality time with your significant other at a low cost. Our total bill is just a little over Php500. We ordered stuffed squid and sauteed garlic shrimp with soft drinks and 3 cups of rice. You too can also go fishing for only Php50.

Kainan sa Balsa also offers shakes for dessert but after finishing our meal we jumped into the famous Digman Halo-Halo instead, which is just a few kilometers away.

Aside from a romantic dinner, I am actually hoping that we’d be back here to witness a solemn wedding ceremony or a simple wedding gala. The idea popped into my mind as we witnessed an old couple in their 60s seemingly enacting a wedding procession – the old lady walking down the aisle and the old man waiting at the end of the central area. The old man was holding his camera taking a video of the old lady walking down the aisle. Picture the scenario in your mind:


This is long enough for that momentous walk.


Imagine a couple exchanging vows at this central area 😀

I didn’t take my phone out to capture a photo of the cute couple as I enjoyed that moment of witnessing an old couple seemingly proving to me that ‘forever’ is real, right before my eyes.

I went at the ordering area to inquire about whether they are holding functions like wedding here. The officer-in-charge said that they do but have temporarily ceased accepting reservations as they adjust the pricing of their party packages. They got a package for as low as Php10,000 for 30 persons.

The Entrance

The Entrance

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