I would like to be remembered as a bride who wore a crocheted wedding dress

I just got married to the man that God created for me last June 13, 2015 but the excitement of being a bride is far from over. I created this site for three main purposes – to preserve all the memories of our big day, from planning to execution; to acknowledge all the people who helped us make our wedding possible and memorable; and lastly, to serve as an inspiration for brides planning a DIY, budget wedding. I enjoyed every stage of the planning. Being hands-on in every detail of our wedding without employing a coordinator is not really easy but the satisfaction that the whole process brought me was priceless. I thank God for blessing me with people who helped me in every step of the way, most especially to my friends  Judy  and Lee Anne, who served as my consultants.


I am a full-blooded Ilocana who was driven by tide here in the densely populated bayside city on the island of Luzon. My late father is from Ilocos while my mother is from Cagayan Valley. The adjective “kuripot” is mostly associated with us Ilocanos/Ilocanas, which is often translated to close-fisted, stingy, cheapskate, a miser, or a penny-pincher. I disagree and I wish to redefine it into something as “smart spending”.

I splurge sometimes if I feel like rewarding myself after seasons of hardwork or after having a major breakthrough. I am a tither and a giver. I believe in Jesus’ principle of “planting generously and reaping bountifully.” There are just some things that I don’t agree with when it comes to spending lavishly. One of which is spending too much for a wedding, unless of course if you’ve got the luxury to do so. This principle of mine which is largely influenced by my beloved husband is further elaborated on my first blog post How to have a decent wedding with less than Php100,000 budget. A decent wedding in the Philippines with 100 guests, most especially here in Manila may cost couples at least Php200,000.

So what would you expect from this blog?

1. From time-to-time, I’d be posting articles about some alternative wedding venues and I will really try to check out their rates. I am actually a fan of outdoor weddings.

2. I will also post some of our wanderlust stories as a couple. I am hopeful that we’d be blessed so much with opportunities to travel the Philippines and the rest of the world without really spending out money from our own pockets.

3. Other smart spending stories.

4. More importantly, my views and beliefs in God, as our creator and the author of our love story.

If you wish to contribute any smart spending stories on celebrating life and love, feel free to send me your message at krisana17@outlook.com.


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  1. Thank you for liking my post “Cooling Off in Tagaytay”. I have a number of Christian Living (family life, parenting, workplace) and travel blogs which you may want the read. Stay blessed!


  2. I LOVE your wedding gown pictured above. Its so pretty! Thanks for liking my post! Laguna is actually a great place to have a wedding fairly inexpensively. Permits to the beach are WAY less expensive than other venues. 🙂 Also Tivoli Too is there- and I believe their venue may be somewhat affordable in comparison. Best and keep on blogging! Jill

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  3. Pinky's Pantry says:

    Thank you for liking my Mango Float post. It’s nice to think that someone from the Philippines read it. I have not been home in many years and I miss it a lot. I have to say you were such a beautiful bride and I love your gorgeous dress! I wish you many years of love and laughter in your new marriage.


  4. Hi thanks for visiting my page
    I really like the way you’re “About” page is written, its inspiring

    by the way congratulations on your wedding!

    I would recommend your blog to one of my friend who is planning her wedding this January 2016


    • Hi Ruzzel,

      Thank you so much for appreciating my blog site. I am honestly against ‘too commercialized’ weddings, my main motivation for starting this blog. I hope I could be an inspiration to your friend that is about to get wed. 🙂

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  5. May your marriage be blessed with longevity and happiness. The wedding is a wonderful event, but the marriage lasts forever. Thank you so much for reading about the Servants of Charity. Perhaps on a trip in the Philippines you can come to see what we do and give of your time to assist our beneficiaries.


  6. Hello, thank you for liking my post Remembering Martial Law. You have a lovely blog! And your wedding dress – wishing I could order one for a renewal of vows (married 20 years already) but the hubby says he might not be able to say “I do” again …


  7. lesliebear16 says:

    Hi, thanks for liking my post “Cafe Yagam: Cozy & Warm”, great blog and congratulations on your wedding (crocheted gown is such a creative and beautiful idea) 🙂


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